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After Round 1


Round #1 Coyote Hobbies


2wd 13.5 Buggy
2wd 13.5 Buggy.JPG (114601 bytes)
1st: Teddy Fent
2nd: Robbie Poulliot
3rd: Matthew Monje
2wd 13.5 Stadium Truck
2wd 13.5 Stadium Truck.JPG (119226 bytes)
1st: Shawn Miller
2nd: Mathew Monje
3rd: Steven Blankenship
2wd 17.5 Short Course
2wd 17.5 SC.JPG (121502 bytes)
1st: Zachary Gilmore
2nd: Mike Dew
3rd: Cole Jenson
2wd 17.5 Stadium Truck
2wd 17.5 Stadium Truck.JPG (115627 bytes)
1st: Chris Nelson
2nd: Chuck Fowler
3rd: Rick Riley
2wd 40+ Buggy
2wd 40+ Buggy.JPG (113931 bytes)
1st: C-Mac
2nd: Chris Nelson
3rd: Chris Raymond
2wd Open Buggy
2wd Open Buggy.JPG (122055 bytes)
1st: Ron Devoll
2nd: Austin Pannone
3rd: Matthew Gonzales
2wd Open Short Course
2wd Open SC.JPG (113693 bytes)
1st: Cuz'n Andy
2nd: Robbie Poulliot
2wd Expert 17.5 Buggy
2wd Spt. 17.5 Buggy.JPG (118263 bytes)
1st: Ron Devoll
2nd: Sammy Moran
3rd: Robert Walker
2wd Rookie
2wd Rookie.JPG (114861 bytes)
1st: Kyle Turner
2nd: Marty Cousino Jr.
3rd: Gerarld Dunning
2wd Sportsman 17.5 Buggy
2wd Spt. 17.5 Buggy.JPG (118263 bytes)
1st: Dillon Smith
2nd: Tyler Bannister
3rd: Shavel Scales
4wd 13.5 Buggy
4wd 13.5 Buggy.JPG (117877 bytes)
1st: Robert Walker
2nd: C-Mac
3rd: Travis Brock
4wd Open Buggy
4wd Open Buggy.JPG (116814 bytes)
1st: Matthew Gonzales
2nd: Carlos Arredondo
3rd: Albert Mendoza