-Rookie Nitro (Buggy & Truggy run together)

-Sportsman Truggy

-Open Truggy

-Sportsman Buggy

-Intermediate Buggy

-Expert Buggy

-40+ Nitro Buggy

-Sportsman Electric 1/8

-Open Electric 1/8

-Points fund is back! $5 of each entry goes into the pointís fund which will be paid out to the top 5 in each class at the end of the series. All money will be divided equally among all classes. For rounds 1-6 we will take $5 of each entry into the pointís fund, for round 7 we will take $10 of each entry into the pointís fund and for round 8 no money will go into the pointís fund. This is done so that the money can be ready for hand out at the finals.

-1st entry $35, each additional entry $25.

-Certain ROAR rules may be enforced at the discretion of the JBRL race director & tech crew.

-Fastest single laps/times will be used to qualify a driver into their respective main event.

-Awards for top 3 in the "A" mains at each event.

-Awards for top 10 at end of series.

-Two qualifiers and single mains at each event.

-The number of vehicles in a qualifying race or main event may vary depending on the track/drivers stand size.

-Best 5 races count, 3 throw outs.

-2 car bump up format.

-All qualifying races are 5 minutes long, nitro main event lengths will vary with attendance, racer cooperation and track amenities/accommodations.

-Electric 1/8 scale "A" mains will be 10 minutes in length.

-Racers must attend 5 of 8 events to be eligible for end of series awards.

-Top 3 finishers in Rookie Nitro must move up into the Sportsman classes.

-Top 3 finishers in Sportsman Buggy, Sportsman Truggy & Sportsman Electric 1/8 scale must move up into the next higher class.

-Champion of Intermediate Buggy must move up into the Expert Buggy class.

-No pre entries, registration the morning of the event, at the track. Some events will have registration the day before.

-Practice from 6am to 8am. Racing begins @ 8:30am. Some tracks have a morning curfew therefore we are not allowed to fire engines until 7am.

-For more info call 661-645-1652, visit www.jimmybabcock.com or e-mail race@jimmybabcock.com.

-No chassis sponsored drivers of any percentage are allowed in the Rookie class.

-No 100% chassis sponsored drivers are allowed in the Sportsman classes.

The JBRL awards you points for how well you finish in each main event race. Points are awarded as follows:

1st place = 100 points

2nd place = 99 points

3rd place = 98 points etc.

1 bonus point for top qualifying.

1 bonus point for each race attended.

First tie breaker will be your first highest throw out.

Second tie breaker will be you second highest throw out.

Third tie breaker will be your third highest throw out.

Fourth tie breaker will be who had the most "A" main victories.

Fifth tie breaker will be who had the most 2nd place ďAĒ main finishes, etc.

The racer with the most points in each class, when counting the best 5 out of 8 results at the end of the season will be crowned the 2019 JBRL champion! Will it be you?